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U.S House

Current Delegation: 5 R, 1 D

Safe Seats: 5 R, 1 D

Seats Likely to Switch Parties: None

Louisiana does not have party primaries. Candidates from all parties run in the first round of voting on November 6. If a candidate in a race doesn’t get a majority, the top two candidates face off in a December 8 runoff.

CD 1

Scalise (R-Incumbent) vs. Dugas (D), Francis (D), Savoie (D), Jones (Ind.) and Kearney (L)

CD 2

Richmond (D-Incumbent) vs. Batiste (Ind.), Rodriguez (Ind.) and Schmidt (Ind.)

CD 3

Higgins (R-Incumbent) vs. Guillory (R), Anderson (D), Methvin (D), Rader (D), Thomas (D) and Andrus (L)

CD 4

Johnson (R-Incumbent) vs. Trundle (D), Halverson (Ind.)

CD 5

Abraham (R-Incumbent) vs. Fleenor (D), Burkette (Ind.), Randol (L)

CD 6

Graves (R-Incumbent) vs. Dewitt (D), Saizan (D), Graham (Ind.)


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