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U.S. Senate

Wicker Seat/Full Term

Wicker (R-Incumbent) vs. Baria (D)

Cochran Seat/Special Election

Hyde-Smith (R-Incumbent) vs. McDaniel (R) and Espy (D)

All candidates are running in the same election on November 6. If no candidate gets a majority, the top two will advance to a runoff on November 27.

U.S House

Current Delegation: 3 R, 1 D

Safe Seats: 3 R, 1D

Competitive Seats: None

CD 1

Kelly (R-Incumbent) vs. Wadkins (D)

CD 2

Thompson (D-Incumbent) No Republican Candidate

CD 3

Guest (R) vs. Evans (D) Open Seat

CD 4

Palazzo (R-Incumbent) vs. Anderson (D)


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