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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz soundly beaten in New York primary

Texas senator gets none of New York’s 95 delegates after finishing 46 points behind Donald Trump

♦By Rich Shumate, editor

southern-states-lgNEW YORK (CFP) — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas limped to a third-place finish in New York’s Republican primary, a loss which has all but eliminated him from capturing a delegate majority before the GOP convention in Cleveland in July.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Cruz, the only Southerner left in the presidential race, took less than 15 percent of the vote in the Empire State, trailing Donald Trump, who took 61 percent, and Ohio Governor John Kasich, who took 25.

Because he failed to crack 20 percent in New York, Cruz was also shut out of getting any of the 95 delegates up for grabs in the April 19 vote.

To get to the 1,237 delegates needed for a first ballot victory, Cruz will now need to sweep all of the remaining primaries, including several on April 26 in Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states where polls show him trailing Trump.

However, Cruz has been making inroads in the parallel delegate selection process, where actual convention delegates are picked. And although many of these pro-Cruz delegates will be legally obligated to vote for Trump on the first ballot, they will be free to defect if Trump can’t muster a first-ballot majority.

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